Scalable solutions for small to medium businesses
Budget constraints?
Competitive pressure?
Resource availability?
Find out how dinoct's Remote Infrastructure Services can reduce IT infrastructure costs and maximize system performance.
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Cost effective solutions for Nonprofits
Funding declines?
Increased demands for services?
Growing competition for fewer funds?
Find out how dinoct's Remote Infrastructure Services can improve IT efficiencies and reduce cost..  
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Let us help you so you can help others.
Extensible solutions for Enterprise
Budget pressures?
Limited resources?
Ever increasing business demands?
Discover how dinoct's ITIL-aligned Remote Infrastructure Services can extend your existing capabilities.
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High-Availability for In-house or Hosted services
Physical (Dedicated, Shared)
Virtual (Full, Para)
Cloud (Private, Public)
More than just buzz words, these delivery methods provide cost effective and scalable alternatives to traditional infrastructure management.  
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Find out how our full suite of remote services can make life easier for you.
The power of the global community
We strongly believe in the power of today’s Open Source technologies to provide scalable and cost effective solutions. In fact, much of dinoct's delivery platform is built around open source products to reduce cost and provide the following benefits:
Scalability: Open source allows you to scale both features and cost to meet changing business needs.
Innovation: By combining open source platforms, we can create innovative solutions to solve business problems.
Global Community: Features and services are continually evolving driven by the global development community.
Serving IT mission Day & Night

Coined from the words diurnal (of the day) & nocturnal (active at night), dinoct represents our philosophy of serving "Day & Night" to complete the mission. We treat all tasks including routine monitoring, troubleshooting, housekeeping etc. as a mission to achieve the business objectives.

As the flagship service of U.S. based Dinoct Inc (formerly OPSMetrics), dinoct delivers ITIL-aligned remote infrastructure services leveraging a scalable and cost effective global delivery model designed to reduce total cost of ownership while ensuring your network is secure, scalable and efficient.


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